Semantics as filter for online lesbian desirability.

The phenomenon "Informer" (which also exists in other geographies as confession websites) is becoming a homonormativity production device with which mainstream lesbian communities are reproducing a structure of speeches that criminalize the diversity of sexualities and non-hegemonic opinions. This is a structure that it is based on a capitalist logic settled on the offline bodies supply and demand that must fit on certain "items" of desirability. Lesbian confession websites also allow the diffusion of new lesbian notions, both individual and collective, through texts published anonymously on a Facebook page. The importance of wording among the community indicates that the message semantics is the first filter of desirability. Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork supported by digital methods, this article investigates lesbian desire in ‘Bollo Informer’, one of the major confession-style facebook pages for spanish spoken lesbian communities by analysing projections and perceptions for both hegemonic and non hegemonic desire.