Liquen Data Lab was born from the will to bring awareness to places of knowledge.

Growth and innovation is viewed in certain cases as a negative change and there is a natural resistance when approaching better understanding of knowledge communities, where scientific realms can thrive and participate actively in society's main challenges.

More and more we are confronted with the position of privilege around knowledge and the current conflicts are driving societies values backwards. We assist to the degradation of academia and other educational institutions where innovative communities are threatened, demonized and stuck in archaic political and economical models.

We stand together with minorities, tech and ecological-driven communities in appreciation of diversity, human-machine and human-nature connection. We are aware that society's main challenges are intrinsically connected to the environmental status of the planet Earth and we want to nurture, support and expand ideas that will lead us to an equal and sustainable future.


<<We aim to occupy the academic environment with feminist politics and to bring awareness of structural inequality issues by means of informed storytelling, design thinking, and research.  


<<We aim to deliver new insights on behavioural patterns in digital, urban and biological systems and bring awareness and solutions through innovative knowledge communities. 


We believe in using mutualistic relationships among organizations, institutions, NGO’s, companies and communities to prevent gendered, colonial and speciesist toxic dynamic.