Silvia Valle

Silvia Valle (Barcelona 1983) studied Pedagogy and Gastronomy and Theology and is currently continuing her education by studying the CFGS in Gender Equality Promotion. Educator, workshop organizer and lecturer with a large experience both in institutional, corporate and social environments, she works on gender-based violence prevention and equality promotion through the construction of new affectivities, in various (and diverse) spaces such as civic centers, high schools or adults school. As an editor she collaborates with severa media outlets, including the digital magazine MYM: Mujeres y Música (Women and Music) where she takes care of the promotion and diffusion of female artists, to facilitate the discovery of new artists and fight the low presence of women in the music industry. She is also one of the editors of the feminist collaborative collective and online magazine Locas del Coño, with a community of more than 200.000 users. She blogs from @queerpunkriot since 2013