Thais Ruiz de Alda 

Thais Ruiz de Alda is a technologist strategist. She’s been online since 1999. She holds a Degree in Law (Universitat de Barcelona), and continued her studies with a postgraduate in sociology (Pompeu Fabra) and political policies PhD studies (Escola doctorat Pompeu Fabra). Expert in communication and digital media, previously, she has joined different projects, such as running the digital area in in digital comms agencies, leading the digital strategy in Barcelona City Hall, starting up a webdoc production company, releasing the first webdoc in Spain and lately, as the Managing Director of tech consulting firm. She is also engaged with digital rights and digital commons activism and Gender and Tech activism, and has recently founded Digitalfems, and NGO to promote women in tech and the digital fields.

She is also a regular collaborator of different collectives such as Liquen Data Lab, Dimmons and Metadecidim.