Neus Llop

Neus Llop (Hospitalet de Llobregat, 1989) Graduated in Social Education with a final Degree Thesis about the importance of including a feminist and technological approach to pedagogy practices, where the 'subject of education' represents a cyborg. In 2017 she publishes the paper "TRANS-HACK-GOGÍA: Transfeminismos, ética hacker y pedagogía mutante-queer" about this questions.

She's finishing a Master's degree in Anthropology and Ethnography at the University of Barcelona with a Final Master Thesis about the construction of lesbian desire at the "Bollo Informer" one of the major confession-style facebook pages for spanish spoken lesbian communities (Paper pending publication). In general, her research interests revolve around cyberfeminism, sexualities, desire, digital culture and critical pedagogy.

In 2013, she contributed in the publication of the book "Human Rights and Social Education" by Germania editorial with the article "Sexual workers and human rights violated". The article analyzes the modification of civic ordinance (April, 2012 Art.39/40) created by the Barcelona City Council in 2006, from a pro-sex perspective, that is, highlighting how the modification infringe the sex worker's human rights also stressing the importance of analyzing the educator's experience as a professional in this situation.

From 2013 to 2015, she also collaborated as contributing writer of literary reviews for the online magazine La Huella Digital and participated repeatedly in "Dolores" a self-published fanzine about poetry.

In 2017, she presented her Master's degree research project with Bea Guijarro at the comunication "Big Data - Small Data. Aproximación a las metodologías cualitativas / cuantitavidas para el análisis de comunidades digitales" at VII Congrés Català de Sociologia.

She is currently the digital content curator of Ofemsiva Periférikah a feminist LGTB collective based in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona). Her most recent talk at Can Vies squatter house in Barcelona was on "Feminisms, Chavs, and the outskirts" (2017).