Alba G. Torrents 

B.A. in Philosophy and Master in Contemporary Philosophy from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. She also holds a PhD in Philosophy from the same university and a PhD in Communication Studies from Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. Her main field of research is the analysis of the relationships between body, technology and identity as they are presented in Japanese anime.

As a PhD student she was awarded with a National Scientific and Technical Research Council Grant (CONICET) in Argentina, where she worked as a researcher in the Center for the Research and Study of Culture and Society (CIECS) in the UNC. While her research in Argentina was being carried out, she was awarded a grant from the Japan Foundation, which allowed her to work as a guest researcher at the Kyoto Seika University and the Kyoto International Manga Museum. She has published in several specialized national and international journals on animation, including Mechademia, the Spanish journal “Con A Animation”, and the Japanese 京都 精華 大学 紀要.

Her doctoral thesis and academic articles focus on an analysis of the contributions of science fiction anime (considering both the narrative aspects and its materiality as movement image) to the question of the relationships between identity, body and technology. Her current focuses of interest are the materiality of the moving image in its technical specificity and its interaction with narrative strategies, posthumanist narratives in the globalized world and its epistemological and political implications, the feminist philosophy of science, especially the cyborg theory, and the question of gender in visual and image studies